About the Firm

Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats is a multifaceted organization presently consisting of lawyers, and a dedicated support staff. Our firm has been offering quality bilingual legal services in Ontario for over 50 years and has maintained a proud heritage and a strong commitment to the future of Northern Ontario. Our clients range from leading independent businesses and corporations, to charitable organizations, trusts, public institutions, school boards, municipalities and individuals. Our firm also acts in numerous personal injury cases involving individuals grievously injured and acts for a number of insurance companies. Our clients all rely on Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats to provide them with legal counsel and innovative ideas to meet goals large and small.

Our Professional Staff

Our dedicated and committed staff is comprised of law students, law clerks and legal assistants. Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats encourages and promotes professional development and training with all its staff in order to serve its client base more efficiently.

Commitment to Our Clients

Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats is committed to providing the highest standards of legal service for all our clients. We continually bring forward innovative ideas to ensure continuous improvement in service. These innovations then serve to augment and revitalize our corporate culture.

Delivering high quality legal services in an environment of ever-increasing legal complexity requires that we specialize in practice areas. We strive to draw efficiently on particular specialized knowledge and experience within the firm as circumstances require and at resolving problems. We pride ourselves at being pragmatic, constructive and results oriented. Most notably, we try to provide a human, empathetic and down to earth approach when assisting our clients.

Professional Fees

Our firm policy is to openly discuss the costs of legal services with all clients. Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats offers a wide range of payment options that include the following:

  • Flat rates, Interim or Periodic billings
  • Payments made on a monthly basis
  • Deferred payments until after an action has been settled
  • Visa Card Remittances
  • Debit Card Remittances

Services not specifically costed are normally charged at the hourly rate of the lawyers performing the services concerned. These hourly rates are based on the accumulated experience and expertise of the lawyer involved with modifications as required by the circumstances.


At Lacroix Lawyers | Avocats, we recognize that productive time-management and competent utilization of resources minimizes expenses. Using the latest computer technology, we are constantly extending our databases of legal precedents, memoranda and opinions to make the firm's accumulated experience available to all our lawyers and to serve our clients at the lowest possible cost. There is a steady exchange of information within the firm on new developments in the legal, commercial and financial worlds.